Why Cannabis Capital Growth?

When we started in 2018 cannabis was a new area for investors. Drawing from over 25 years of experience and knowledge in building portfolios we opened the first Investment Advisor portfolio of individual stocks.

Since then we opened many accounts and built lasting relationships with our clients. Sharing a vision that cannabis would legalize in States rapidly, create thousands of jobs for Americans and become one of the most innovative industries since the technology growth era we see the opportunity ahead.

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When investing in cannabis, volatility can be an opportunity.
Get expert advice to help navigate the ups and downs of cannabis investing.

Cannabis Sales Accelerating in the U.S.
Business leaders believe full legalization by the end of 2021 are investing now in legalized States.

Pay zero commissions on stocks You own the stocks in your and listed stocks are commission free.
Get a complete online portfolio experience. You have access to our award winning wealth tracker to see accounts and values 24/7.


Hosted by Investment Adviser Jaime McMillan (portfolio manager of Cannabis Capital Growth) focuses on cannabis investing for new and experienced investors.  Jaime reaches into his experience as an investment manager examining both good and bad decisions in his portfolio to help you navigate to find the viable companies in cannabis grow, retail, science, dispensaries, and reit’s.


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