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Our Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: Provide Investors a Professional Way to Invest in Cannabis

Mission: Bring Cannabis Investing From Wall Street to Main Street

Jaime McMillan Founder

  • Experience: Over 25 years of investment management and consulting.
  • Bear Stearns Equity Trading
  • Charles Schwab & Co Vice President Private Client
  • Check Capital Management Vice President
  • U.S. Trust Company/Bank America Regional Manager
  • McMillan Capital Management  Group Investment Advisor Firm

Bio Jaime McMillan

Jaime has become a well-established investor in the cannabis industry, providing expertise and insight into cannabis growth strategies and portfolio management. He has over 25 years  of knowledge in wealth advisory, asset management, and investor education.  He is the founder of McMillan Capital Management Group (2008), an established money management firm.

Mr. McMillan is also a Marine Corps Veteran and advocates for military veteran cannabis use to alleviate pain and suffering without delay.  "PTSD in particular is a serious condition whereas cannabis may save the bravest Americans." Jaime McMillan

Jaime McMillan Founder

Jaime McMillan Founder