About Us

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: To provide a good return on investment for our clients.

Mission: Everyone can invest in cannabis with professional help.

Jaime McMillan Founder

Jaime has become a well-established investor in the cannabis industry, providing expertise and investment management in cannabis, hemp and CBD wellness companies.

Experience Mr. McMillan

  • Bear Stearns Equity Trading 1989
  • Charles Schwab & Co Vice President Private Client managing over $350M 1993
  • Check Capital Management Vice President Regional Sales 1995
  • U.S. Trust Company/Bank America Regional Manager Southern California 2005
  • McMillan Capital Management Founder Colorado 2007
  • Cannabis Capital Growth Portfolio Launched in 2018

Cannabis Capital Growth History

Cannabis Capital Growth companies launched in 2018 to meet the needs of investors wanting help and access to investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry.  Our clients own the actual companies in their accounts we manage unlike a mutual fund or exchange traded fund. 

Getting Started in Cannabis Investing.

In the past, typically investors needed to be "accredited investors" to get in on cannabis companies which disallows over 99% of American investors who don't meet the net worth requirements.  However, for everyday investors using our portfolio there is no such requirement and you can open an account with $5,000 or more to invest.  It's that easy to get started.

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