Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

We open new accounts for you.  If you have an existing account and would like to transfer to our broker we can assist you.

What is the minimum?

Our account minimum is $5,000 and we accept personal, trust, and retirement accounts.

How do you place trades?

As your Investment Manager, you grant us discretion in placing orders and managing the cannabis investments.

Are there service charges?

Only for trades to buy or sell a stock $6.95 per trade.  We evaluate custodian brokers for best execution, price, and services. 

What your management fee?

Our fee is 1% annualized based on your account balance calculated each quarter.  As a fee-only firm when you do well we do well.

Do you provide reporting?

Our broker provides online access including monthly statements and tax information. We also provide performance reporting to you.

Ready to Invest?

Please have an adviser contact me