Dating to Ancient Civilizations of China, Egypt and Rome, cannabis has been used by different cultures around the world in many ways. The trend of 20th century opposition to cannabis is just a sliver of time when considering its 6,000 year history.


In the modern age, cannabis has become lawful in the United States in at least 49 states. Across the world today over 21 countries have partially or fully legalized cannabis. Canada became the second nation in the world to legalize it completely for adult use.


The current trend in the U.S. will only  continue.  According to a Gallup Poll Survey in 2019, Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana has held steady at 66%  over the past year, after rising 30 percentage points between 2005 and 2018.

Gallup first asked about making marijuana use legal in 1969, when just 12% of Americans favored the proposal. Nearly a decade later, a 1977 survey found support had increased to 28%, but it held at about that level through 1995, finally surpassing 30% in Gallup’s next measurement, in 2000. 

Since then, the percentage of Americans advocating legal marijuana usage has more than doubled, with support increasing significantly among all major subgroups.  As public opinion has become increasingly pro-marijuana, so has state policy. As of July 2019, 12 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Twenty-two other states allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


Adult use cannabis is growing faster than medical use notwithstanding the existence of strong medical sales in medical only States.  The trend for investing in cannabis is supported by rapid sales growth in the U.S as in this year alone $15billion- $18billion dollars of cannabis form factors will be purchased by Americans.  That trend looks to continue and increase to an estimated $30billion-$37billion by 2024.