Portfolio Tracker

A Single Platform to Streamline Portfolio Management & Client Service

At no additional cost to you.  Portfolio Tracker provides clients with a powerful overview of their investments accessible from any device, text to chat with advisors, ability to include outside accounts and assets all designed to elevate our client experience.

Portfolio Tracker is a user-friendly dashboard that gives you a view of your financial life, where you can stay connected and informed b our team of advisers.  We make it easy to quickly see your balances and stay up to date with online access 24/7.

Have a question?  You can message us with an online messaging feature designed to provide easy communication.  In addition, we have regular investor webinars and video calls when you can participate with us directly in our learning courses about cannabis investing.

By using our free portfolio tracker, you get to see your entire financial picture.  Set and track goals or complete your risk tolerance questionnaire and even store important documents working with an experienced adviser to consult and assist you regarding your investments or financial issues.

Open an account today to get started.  We accept new personal or retirement account or you can transfer your assets from another account.  Our minimum account size is just $5,000 dollars and however you plan to fund your account we are here to assist you.